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Bamboo and Lotus Designs Florist is located in The White House ~ a beautiful home with natural stone and timber and gorgeous verandahs surrounded by natural bush and garden setting which at the moment is bursting with the colours of Spring…  pretty Azaleas and Wisteria are all in bloom…

This location creates a beautiful feeling of relaxation and peace …   I love that we are not in a noisy shopping centre with concrete and artificial lighting …  To be able to enjoy our natural gardens and bush all around us is both inviting for our customers and also inspires me in my work each day…



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Spring is here and it’s romantic & beautiful …

With the arrival of each new Season ~  the warmer months traditionally bring a flurry of Springtime weddings and we also welcome the arrival of new seasons blooms and foliages… at Bamboo and Lotus everything is looking so beautiful .

One of my Spring favourites (and yes there are many) is Andromeda… Gorgeous little bell shape flowers that are so elegant and have a beautiful draping form … Wonderful in arrangements, bouquets or simply on their own they add texture and interest… and a little touch of romance….

Andromeda in the front window at Bamboo and Lotus Designs this week…

18.9.14 - Image ~ mine - 10442359_1494508927465693_1846171328864090250_n


A little information about this beautiful plant for you…

Pieris Care And Planting – How To Grow Japanese Andromeda Bushes

By Jackie Carroll

Pieris japonica goes by many names, including Japanese andromeda, lily-of-the-valley shrub and Japanese pieris. Whatever you call it, you’ll never be bored with this plant. The foliage changes color throughout the seasons, and in late summer or fall, long, dangling clusters of colorful flower buds appear. The buds open into dramatic, creamy-white blossoms in spring. The ever-changing face of this shrub is an asset to any garden. Read on to find out how to grow Japanese andromeda.

Andromeda Plant Info

Japanese andromeda is an evergreen shrub with many uses in the landscape. Use it in shrub groupings or as afoundation plant, or let it stand alone as a specimen plant that few other shrubs can rival.

The plant is a bit fussy about soil and light exposure, but if azaleas and camellias do well in the area, Japanese andromeda will probably thrive too.

Pieris Care and Planting

The best Pieris japonica growing conditions include a site with full to partial shade and rich, well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter and an acidic pH. If your soil isn’t particularly rich, work in a thick layer of compostbefore planting. If necessary, amend the soil with an azalea or camellia fertilizer to add nutrients and adjust the pH level. Japanese andromeda bushes won’t tolerate alkaline soil.

Water the shrub often enough to keep the soil lightly moist at all times. Water slowly, allowing the soil to soak up as much moisture as possible.

Fertilize in winter and early summer with a fertilizer designed for acid-loving plants, using the amount recommended on the package. Fertilizers designed for azaleas and camellias are ideal.

Japanese andromeda bushes grow to a height of 10 feet unless you plant compact varieties. It has a naturally attractive shape, and it’s best to let it grow without pruning as much as possible. If you need to neaten the plant, however, do so after the flowers fade.

Source:  http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/shrubs/japanese-andromeda/grow-japanese-andromeda.htm


Also available in pink…  you have to love this gorgeous plant…

18.9.14 - Image ~ Google - www.pinterest.com - Pieris on Pinterest - 15977409b50686dab6ab7daa7e76ad3c