Tropical treasures…

We had the pleasure of creating flowers for a 21st Birthday celebration recently with some beautiful tropicals….

Our custom made bamboo “boat” arrangements were particularly loved and an added bonus is that they provide the recipient with ongoing decorative display possibilities … love multi function containers …

Gusto da Giannis at Portside ~ a wonderful venue and our Clients had a fantastic evening….

BLD - Image ~ Mine - 8.2.16 - 12657996_1669250483324869_5498481148540756870_o

BLD - Image ~ Mine - 8.2.16 - 12687991_1669250916658159_3708663307616294024_n

BLD - Image ~ Mine - 8.2.16 - 12662419_1669250726658178_5061388372033922184_n

2 thoughts on “Tropical treasures…”

  1. Nice, but a short question…
    You talk about “bamboo “boat” arrangements” – is it possible to see one? Bigger, as a detail? *Gracias

    Have a nice weekend. 😉

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